Liposuction Treatment Technology in india

Liposuction Treatment Technology

liposuction has evolved from the early days to a very advanced technology that we have today nearly 2 million people worldwide are getting liposuction done whether it is for,

  • The tummy
  • The side handles
  • The neck
  • Thighs Areas or
  • Any other region

The important thing to understand is the type of technology used?

1. Suction assisted liposuction

Suction assisted liposuction this is the earliest technology in which we use a cannula that is a special instrument to suck out the fat it uses the classical approach of taking out the fat by using a vacuum suctioning instrument.

2. Ultrasound assisted liposuction

The second approach is by the ultrasonic assisted or the vaser. Vaser releases ultrasonic energy that liquefies the fat and makes it easier for us to remove the fat.

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3. Microaire or Pal power assisted liposuction

The third technology is the microaire that is the pal power assisted liposuction. Now power assisted liposuction is a device that has a vibratory motor in front of the cannula that breaks the fat because of the three to four thousand rpm of vibrating device that is put in the front. Now this helps in easily breaking the fat, The tough fat, the fibrous fat and makes it easier for a plastic surgeon to suck out the fat.

Advantage of PAL

The main advantage this has over the suction assisted liposuction is that there is less number of movements, well while doing liposuction the cannula moves to and fro. And in this case if we can reduce the number of 2 and 4 movements then the liposuction,

  • Results are better
  • The contouring is better
  • The healing is faster
  • Recovery is faster

Now understand the fact that even after using the vaser technology or the ultrasonic assisted liposuction the melted fat has to be taken up.

Another Advantage of PAL

The advantage of PAL is that it can take out the toughest of fat if you are using after vaser a normal suction assisted liposuction then it dilutes the use of VASER. So, it is important that power assisted liposuction is used instead of the suction stated liposuction. As power resistant has the capacity to break the fat and take out easily thus,

  • Less bruising
  • Less swelling
  • Faster healing

Now whichever technology is being used by plastic surgeon the important thing is to understand that the results that are delivered.

Always remember that it is the man behind the machine that is more important rather than the machine itself.

Looking Good, Always.

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